Third space experience.

The task

Tanqueray’s ‘A Summer of Tanqueray’ had one goal – to transform consumers’ G&Ts into T&Ts, and make Tanqueray their number one brand choice of gin at the bar. Building on our long-term partnership with Tanqueray, CircleSquare were approached to make their ambition a reality – with a need for a solution that was innovative, far-reaching, and disruptive. To achieve this, we had to elevate Tanqueray’s presence across the board at a series of key events. With gin’s popularity booming, and no shortage of competitors – this wasn’t about brand awareness, it was about brand differentiation.


Concept design

Interaction design


Technical design




Circle Square brand device

To deliver on this ambition, we employed disruptive design and unexpected engagements in their third spaces to reflect Tanqueray’s superior status within the world of gin. In doing so, we could validate existing consumers’ affinity for the brand, whilst reeling in prospective fans. We led the creative development of a series of experiences, relevant assets and accompanying toolkit for the iconic brand. Through these experiences, consumers were invited to step into Tanqueray’s world.

Takeovers at a variety of locations, ranging from luxury to inexpensive, melded Tanqueray’s brand world into familiar spaces. Through appearances at food and drink festivals, and other summer calendar staples, we presented Tanqueray’s brand as a safe place to learn, experiment and evolve your relationship with gin. The spaces themselves challenged conventions of cocktail making, honing the basics before encouraging drinkers to experiment.

We created spaces to teach bar crafts, educate about the nuances of mixology, and demystify botanicals, garnishes, and pairings. Sharing this learning was encouraged with the hashtag #T&Me, giving people an opportunity to invite their followers into their third spaces, and expanding them into the virtual world.

Through this multi-pronged approach, Tanqueray’s reach spread far and wide, attracting new and diverse audience’s interest and appreciation of the brand.

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