Multi-category, multi-franchise mega event in Bangkok downtown

The task

We developed an activation concept that combined Lancôme's four beauty franchises across skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance, creating interconnected spaces for customers to explore. By integrating architectural motifs from Paris with iconic product silhouettes, the event provided an immersive Lancôme brand experience.



Concept design

Design adaptation

Retail design

Circle Square brand device

The multi-category, multi-franchise mega event at Parc Paragon in Bangkok was designed to transport customers from downtown Bangkok to the streets of Paris, Lancôme's iconic home. The high-profile launch event featured influential KOLs, resulting in increased footfall, sales, and brand awareness on social media and local broadcast channels.

Each space showcased Lancôme's diverse range of offerings, allowing customers to interact with products, receive consultations, and learn about the brand's heritage and innovation.

The event served as a platform to strengthen customer relationships and foster brand loyalty. Through interactive experiences and engaging activities, customers actively participated and connected with the brand.

In conclusion, the multi-franchise mega event successfully conveyed Lancôme's dedication to exceptional beauty experiences and solidified its trendsetter status. By combining Lancôme's beauty franchises and integrating Parisian architectural elements, the event truly immersed attendees in the world of Lancôme.

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