O+O Fusion: Harmonising Japanese heritage and contemporary engagement

The task

Our collaboration with the Dr.Ci:Labo team has been focused on developing a signature design aesthetic and customer experience strategy that ensures consistency across various touchpoints, including travel retail, local markets, and aesthetic clinics. At the core of this endeavour is the embodiment of the brand's holistic eco-system, combining Omotenashi care, Aesthetic science, and limitless Kagayaki (radiance) in every moment and surface.



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By seamlessly blending the brand's Japanese heritage with contemporary elements, we have created an inviting and immersive O+O (online and offline) eco-system that engages customers at every stage of their journey, from before they enter the store to long after their visit.

One of the key initiatives in this approach is the integration of gamified and interactive digital experiences within the physical store. This strategic addition enhances the overall customer connection, enabling them to engage with the brand in a more profound way. Through gamification, customers are encouraged to explore the product offerings, fostering a sense of discovery and excitement. Furthermore, these interactive experiences serve as a platform for deepening their skincare knowledge, empowering customers to make informed choices that align with their individual needs.

By combining the physical and digital realms, we have crafted an immersive environment that goes beyond traditional retail. This approach not only elevates the DCL brand experience but also establishes a lasting and meaningful connection with customers. Our aim is to create an ecosystem where customers feel valued, supported, and inspired throughout their skincare journey.

Through our collaboration, we have successfully merged tradition and modernity, resulting in a unique and captivating customer experience that sets DCL apart in the competitive skincare market.

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