‘We Skincare About You’ APAC Launch

The task

As the first global activation of the newly launched 'We Skincare About You' campaign, our aim was to celebrate Kiehl's heritage while delivering a contemporary retail experience that aligned with the brand's forward-facing ambitions. This activation was designed to be shared, with every element carefully crafted to boost awareness through social media by being visually appealing from every angle.



Concept design

Design adaptation

Retail design


Circle Square brand device

To create an immersive and engaging experience, we strategically incorporated multiple touch-points throughout the activation to deliver an integrated 360° customer journey that combined elements of gamification, education, and rewards. By offering interactive games, informative sessions, and enticing incentives, we ensured that customers were fully engaged and had a comprehensive understanding of Kiehl's products and values.

With its blend of heritage and contemporary elements, the activation effectively showcased Kiehl's commitment to customer-centric skincare solutions. By combining the brand's rich history with a modern retail experience, Kiehl's successfully connected with customers on a deeper level, fostering trust and loyalty. The activation provided a platform for customers to explore and learn about Kiehl's products, enabling them to make informed decisions and discover the skincare solutions that best suited their needs.

The success of the initial 'K-Train' concept exceeded expectations, prompting L'Oréal to roll out the activation across the SAPMENA region. This expansion covered both local and travel retail markets, allowing a wider audience to experience the unique and captivating world of Kiehl's. By extending the reach of the activation, L'Oréal aimed to further enhance brand awareness, drive sales, and establish Kiehl's as a prominent skincare brand in the region.

In conclusion, the first global activation of the 'We Skincare About You' campaign was a testament to Kiehl's dedication to both its heritage and forward-facing aspirations. By providing an immersive and educational customer journey, the activation enhanced brand awareness, drove sales, and solidified Kiehl's position as a leading skincare brand.

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