Cycle for change sustainability initiative.

The task

As part of their ongoing commitment to make their chocolate as sustainable and ethical as possible, Toblerone partnered with The Ghana Mobility Initiative to provide tricycles for local Ghanaian cocoa communities with the aim of enhancing mobility for children and small businesses. CircleSquare were asked to help bring the initiative to life for consumers in airports worldwide.


Concept design

Interaction design

Content development

Technical design




Circle Square brand device

The activation was designed to raise awareness and money for the local farmers and communities that harvest Mondelez’s cocoa. With this in mind, it was important not only that the impact was measurable and demonstrable to help consumers understand and participate without trivialising or commoditising the cause, but also that the concept was highly visible and engaging to ensure maximum impact and awareness.

So, we created an eye-catching and participatory centre piece that would grab attention and get people involved: A life-size static wooden tricycle cleverly designed to resemble vehicles used in Ghanaian Cocoa farming. Shoppers were encouraged to peddle the trike and watch the kilometres clock up on a counter in front of them. For every kilometre cycled, a donation goes to the Initiative.

The trike was constructed from sustainable timber and used discarded second-hand bike mechanisms and wheels, ensuring the message of sustainable action was carried through into every detail. In addition to the to the tricycle, consumers were invited to purchase a custom designed tote bag for their purchases which would also contribute to the overall donations.

The space featured a floor map between the airport and the location of the Ghanaian farmers, along with a video wall further narrating the initiative. These components gave the trike context within the activation. Through clear visual communication, the shopper could see the impact their engagement and purchase were having on the wider programme, encouraging them to become a part of Mondelez’s ongoing commitment to a more sustainable supply chain.

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