La Prairie

Welcome to the Caviar Lab

The task

We invited La Prairie customers to discover the harmony of youth in Hainan by creating a connected O2O journey within the activation outpost to recruit new customers, whilst growing loyalty within existing their fanbase.



Concept design

Interaction design

Content development

Digital Production

Offline Installation

Circle Square brand device

Seamlessly integrating physical touch-points with engaging digital content, the Caviar Lab allows customers to elegantly discover the La Prairie Caviar range in a uniquely animated experience,

By simply lifting each bottle in the Caviar range display, the journey of discovery begins. Using illumination to animate the bespoke laboratory installation, their vision is guided to the curved LED wall behind where they are educated on the unique characteristics of the product they are have in their hands.

Alongside, a dedicated photo backdrop within the core engagement zone paired with an exclusive online digital filter allows KOLs and customers to capture and share their ‘Harmony of Youth’ moment to maximise visibility of the campaign via our target audience’s social media feeds.

Building on the cultural initiative’s of La Prairie has enabled CircleSquare to consistently deliver customer interactions that elevate the timeless beauty of their exquisite formulations by combining the high-touch service of their boutiques with technological innovations that go beyond the expected.

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