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Blue Label Cities Edition activation.

The task

Every year, Johnnie Walker Blue Label release a limited-edition bottle design in collaboration with a renowned artist. For their 200th anniversary edition, instead of looking back, the brand partnered with Luke Halls to take a look 200 years into the future.

Johnnie Walker commissioned CircleSquare to create an immersive experience that would bring his visions of these 12 future cities to life.



Connect design


Interaction design

Content development

Circle Square brand device

With so many fascinating and inspiring cities to explore, we wanted to take consumers on a journey through all of them. So, taking inspiration from the futuristic modes of transportation depicted within the cities, we created Walkerloop and whisked consumers off on an adventure to 2220.

Accessed via an RFID tag embedded in the bottle’s label, consumers step on board a sleek hyperloop through their mobiles or a VR device and are invited to explore. Within the cabin, they can learn about the product from levitating bottle displays with access to product information and videos, view holographic projections of the cities and discover the best way to appreciate the liquid from a robot bar tender.

But the real journey begins when they’re invited to choose their destination city to explore. Stepping to the doors of the cabin, consumers select a city and are transported there in a blur. As the doors open, they can step outside and explore their chosen location. The animated 2.5D environment allows them to interact with the world around them, clicking to learn about Luke Hall’s vision of the city and discovering the futuristic technologies that power it.

The accessible and engaging concept ensured consumers truly felt the added value of the limited-edition bottle, bringing the artwork off the page in an explorable and discoverable way. And, by giving them a glimpse of every city available, it encouraged multiple purchase to collect the full range.

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