Coty Lancaster

Lancaster's elegant journey into the Korean travel retail market

The task

To enter the Korean travel retail market, we worked Coty’s Lancaster team to develop the launch strategy for the brand, including the introduction of their flagship Ligne Princière range. Rooted in Lancaster's heritage, our launch endeavoured to make the brand’s royal legacy relevant to our audience today, the modern princesses of Korea. To do this we developed an elegant 360° strategy to connect, engage and sustain with customers through 3 phases of the launch.



Content development

Digital media planning

Digital Production

KOL partnership


UX / UI design

Circle Square brand device

Building loyalty was crucial for success of our grand launch in Korea. During the first phase we focussed on expanding the customer base through the introduction of a royal community and a website-based loyalty program, providing a holistic skincare experience.

Through captivating live-streaming on Lotte Korea's official account, we introduced Lancaster as a newly launched skincare brand. Accompanied by skincare experts and influential beauty influencers, we unveiled the secrets to flawless skin, taking our audiences on a journey of royal radiance and delivering credible product education. As a result, we achieved over 3,310,000 total impressions and 90,000 clicks.

Leveraging the power of KakaoTalk Channel, a potent communication and marketing tool in Korea, we facilitated Lancaster's business growth through its simple and effective functions. To generate buzz in the market, we engaged domestic beauty channels, crafting compelling editorial content in skincare forums. Addressing skincare concerns and positioning Lancaster as the ultimate beauty secret, we left a lasting impression; reinforcing the perception of Lancaster as the premier beauty solution.

With meticulous planning and execution, Lancaster gracefully entered the Korean market, combining elegance and sophistication to captivate our discerning customers.

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