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Gucci Flora fragrance launch for Coty in South Korea duty free

The task

Coty tasked us with generating excitement for the launch of Gucci Flora fragrance in South Korea, an emerging travel retail market. Our goal was to introduce the new collection to both new and existing customers through a comprehensive digital strategy, resulting in a launch campaign that would drive sales on the retailer's e-commerce platforms and increase footfall in offline stores.



Content development

Digital Production

UX / UI design

KOL partnership


Digital media planning

Circle Square brand device

To achieve this, we devised an end-to-end customer journey strategy that seamlessly guided users from initial awareness to discovery and conversion. Leveraging popular social media platforms in South Korea, we optimised our media plan to effectively target the growing travel retail market, directing online traffic to the retailer's live-streaming platforms.

To acquaint South Korean travel customers with the enchanting Gucci Flora collection, we collaborated with a renowned Korean makeup artist and influencer, Bora Kim, to conduct an exclusive beauty masterclass. Together, we embarked on a floral-themed journey, showcasing two makeup looks tailored specifically for travel retail. The masterclass was broadcasted to Gucci Beauty enthusiasts through Lotte and The Shilla's VIP live-streaming platforms, resulting in a significant boost in online sales for Gucci Beauty products.

In addition, we developed a captivating H5 microsite as part of the campaign, centered around the hero Gucci Beauty Gorgeous Gardenia fragrance. The microsite featured immersive content for product discovery, including an augmented reality filter. Moreover, we strategically utilised sampling and gift-with-purchase coupons to encourage registration and drive conversions via the retailer's e-commerce platform, boosting CRM recruitment in the process.

The live-streaming video garnered exceptional performance metrics. Lotte Livestream received over 6,000 views, while Shilla’s VIP Livestream generated over 100,000 earned impressions through the KOL's teaser post. It quickly became one of the most popular VIP livestream events. As a result, the both retailers experienced a substantial increase in makeover bookings, online sales and free sample redemptions driving traffic to their duty-free stores.

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