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Working with a brand that’s as provocative as it is iconic, gave us the creative freedom to deliver a uniquely bold digital experience - NONSTOP NARS - giving customers a holistic and interactive brand world, that rewards their engagement with our own virtual currency NCOINS.

By gamifying the whole experience, we created a digital environment that was designed to evolve and adapt throughout the long-term campaign. Centred around 3 main zones: Discovery, Community and Play - customers can explore the brand world on their own terms, thanks to our deliberately non-linear journey architecture.

To complete the experience, customers create their own NAVATAR as a digital companion to the NONSTOP NARS universe. Acting as a virtual guide, these personalised characters bring another dimension to the experience, using make-up looks as a gateway to product discovery and social sharing.

Travel Retail’s migration to the Metaverse is undoubtedly happening, and we are excited to see what the future holds. NONSTOP NARS Virtual World is an important milestone that marks CircleSquare’s venture into the Metaverse, and we look forward to being a partner for change with NARS and Shiseido in the future.