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La Prairie
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Our most recent collaboration allowed us to push the boundaries once again, by developing the first digital collectible (NFT) in travel retail, as a series of unique dynamic artworks inspired by the ‘Dance of Light and Water’ by Wen-Chi Su.

This innovation marks a new era for La Prairie’s digital outreach to its audience. Through the prism of art, this project is the embodiment of how the brand innovates with new technologies to build deeper connections with their clients in travel retail and beyond.

La Prairie is also the first luxury brand and the first skincare brand to launch its NFT series on the WenChang Chain, one of the first open blockchain platforms launched on Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), an ecosystem fully compliant with all Chinese regulations linked to digital collectibles.

We are proud to share the same audacious creative spirit as La Prairie, and are excited to be partnering with the house on their future vision for customer engagement and loyalty. Watch this space to find out more, as we continue to push the boundaries together in our commitment to elevating the art of skincare.

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