Elon Musk calls for an "Edit" button on Twitter 

(Updated on April 11) Twitter’s chief executive, Parag Agrawal has just announced early today Elon Musk would not be joining the company's Board after all. However, he would still remain as Twitter’s largest investor and his input is still valued by the company. 

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced the company’s appointment of Tech Mogul, Elon Musk to the board early this week. No stranger to the social media platform himself, Musk is known to make real life decisions based on results obtained from its polling section – he has sold $16.4 billion worth of Tesla shares (making up to 10% of his stake in the company) since early November 2021 based on polling results from Twitter users.

What does the future hold for Twitter with the appointment of Musk? The exact opposite of Facebook, apparently. The billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, announced the practice of free-speech policies on the platform, aiming to provide a restrictions-free space for users to express themselves freely.

As a strong believer in walking the talk, Musk has already started revamping the platform upon the announcement of his new role. With the help of his go-to social media tool – Twitter’s polling function, the newly appointed board member has already assigned the platform’s own tech team for a new “Edit” button.

The initial response from Twitter’s investors has been positive. Early this week, Twitter's stock surged 30%, followed by another 6.5% climb in premarket trading the day after.