Nonstop Nars, the immersive 3D virtual world 

We’re very excited to unveil Nonstop Nars, an immersive 3D virtual world that includes personalised avatars, gamification, self-discovery and social community.

The innovative digital platform, which is the brand’s first ever 3D Virtual Animation, showcases Nars’s travel retail-exclusive products and engages with consumers throughout their travelling journey.

Powder Power: The travel retail-exclusive Nars Light Reflecting Powder Jumbo is the current star of the Virtual Animation

Shiseido Travel Retail has partnered exclusively with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) for the pre-launch of the Nonstop Nars Virtual World. The launch is supported by online and offline promotions across CDFG’s digital platforms and on-counter at the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex in Haitang Bay.

The Nonstop Nars Virtual World was launched in April with the aim of driving brand awareness and excitement for travellers before, during and post their trips.

The VA immerses travellers in an interactive digital world that showcases Nars’ makeup artistry through edu-tainment, discovery and gamification elements.

Underpinned by Nars’ future-driven ethos and backed by Shiseido Travel Retail’s Chinese traveller insights, the VA was developed to address new consumer demands in the post-pandemic world.

The VA offers a bespoke mobile-first experience that promotes on-platform engagement. In time it will drive users to a physical pop-up, planned for later in the year. It is powered by virtual currency NCOIN.

The platform is supported by the #NONSTOPNARS omnichannel campaign, which embraces digital and owned media, KOL amplification, retailer e-commerce and an in-store pop-up, specifically targeting Chinese travellers throughout 2022.

Around the clock: The Virtual Animation drives customer engagement and brand awareness pre-trip and will drive travellers to a physical pop-up scheduled for later in the year

The Nonstop Nars Virtual Animation was designed following the theme ‘It’s Nonstop Time’. Drawing inspiration from an abstract clock, the experience features striking red and black design elements, powerful branding and light effects. It empowers users to create looks ‘round-the-clock’ using different Nars products.

The platform puts a special focus on Nars’ best-selling collections and travel retail-exclusive releases including the Light Reflecting Setting Powder Jumbo.

Users start the experience by registering and creating their own personal Navatar (Nars Avatar). They can customise the Navatar by choosing its outfit, hair and makeup style. They can also use a ‘Look Book’ feature to browse Nars’ makeup range and choose different products for their Navatar, which they can share on WeChat.

At the Nonstop Hall, which is the main gaming area of the platform, users can navigate three virtual zones: Nonstop Community, Nonstop Discovery and Nonstop Play. The Light Reflecting Setting Powder Jumbo is highlighted with a bold 3D animation at the Nonstop Hall.

Virtual personalisation: Users can create bespoke looks for their Navatars (Nars Avatars) using Nars products
Nonstop Play: Players use a ball to deflect ‘powder blocks’ and win NCOINS in the gamification area

Nonstop Community features interactive expert beauty content from Nars and top Chinese KOLs Rita 阿 雯, 别叫我小雯, and 熊熊奶金. KOL content posted on Weibo, featuring Nars’ travel retail-exclusive lines, are also shared in this space.

Nonstop Discovery offers informative image and video content that educates users about different Nars products. This area has a wish list function for users to add their favourite products and a link to purchase them on CDFG’s ecommerce site.

Nonstop Play is the main gaming area and features an ever-changing roster of games which highlight different Nars best-sellers. The current game shines the spotlight on the Light Reflecting Setting Powder and challenges players to hit as many powder blocks as possible in one minute to earn NCOINS.





Each virtual experience offers playful and engaging content that promotes interaction, product exploration and gamification.

Engagement on the VA and in-store rewards users with NCOINs which can be used to redeem exclusive gifts with purchase.

(Left to right) The Nonstop Hall, Nonstop Community, Nonstop Discovery and Nonstop Play virtual areas all come together to create a fun and engaging virtual experience

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