Transporting consumers to Johnnie Walker's future cities through immersive VR 

To celebrate their 200th anniversary, Johnnie Walker commissioned a special edition of their Blue Label Cities series that looks 200 years into the future to imagine how iconic destinations from across the globe will have evolved. With unique artwork created by renowned digital artist Luke Hall Studio, CircleSquare were tasked with creating an immersive experience that would bring these 12 locations to life for the consumer.

So, taking inspiration from the futuristic transportation networks Luke Hall Studio depicted, we created a Johnnie Walker Hyperloop and took consumers on an immersive journey to the year 2220. 

The  work was awarded a Platinum .COMM award in the category of Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns in 2022

The journey begins.... 

The journey begins from the iconic bottle itself. Scanning an RFID tag embedded in the label, consumers step onboard the sleek cabin of a virtual hyperloop through their own device. 

Starting from the destination of their specific bottle, the hyperloop whisks consumers around the world to explore these future cities. CircleSquare brings Luke Hall Studio's illustrations to life, turning them into animated explorable destinations with rich information to discover that tells the story behind these research driven visions of the future.

Once they've explored their initial destination, consumers are free to travel to any of the other 12 cities to continue their journey.
But there's plenty on board to explore too. Holographic displays tell the story of Johnnie Walker's collaboration whilst robot bartenders await to guide you through tasting notes & serves for Blue Label.

Beyond the hyperloop experience, CircleSquare created a tiered series of displays and physical activations to bring the virtual to life in store.


Diageo - Johnnie Walker Global Brand Team
Diageo Johnnie Walker D&T Team
Moyosa Agency : Development agency
Circle-Square Square Agency : Creative / UI & UX Agency