We areemotive storytellers

emotive storytellers

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data alchemists

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nimble navigators

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sustainable advocates

Understanding human behaviour is the key to creating truly effective design. We believe the most powerful way to effect behaviour is through emotion.

As humans, our behaviour is influenced by innate emotional triggers millions of years in the making, leading us to behave in ways we can’t fully explain.

At CircleSquare, we tap into these triggers to craft experiences that tell stories about our clients’ brands, products or services and illicit behavioural responses.

We use emotions, sensations and compulsions to make consumers feel at home or exhilarated, to communicate authenticity or value and ultimately to create experiences that resonate more deeply.
Philip Handley
Founder & ECD, London
Philip Handley

To tap into these feelings, we stretch experiences beyond the visual and into the kind of rich four-dimensional multi-sensorial space in which humans truly experience the world. Designing in all five senses gives us a richer palette to create with and allows up connect more directly to consumers emotions, provoking stronger reactions and more lasting experiences.

Today’s digitally native shoppers navigate their way around a new fluid consumer journey, seamlessly switching from digital to physical and back to digital again, whenever they like and as many times as they like. 

Our inhouse digital team explore the behaviours behind the data, through the lens of human experience, asking ourselves what change is needed to turn what is happening into what we want to happen, gently manipulating our consumers to do what we need them to do.

Forget channels, focus on people. Don't try to be everywhere all the time, deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
Stéphane Zermatten
Managing Partner, Hong Kong
Stéphane Zermatten

We do this by connecting to the target shopper prior to the shopper journey commencing, staying connected to them throughout the entire journey, driving store penetration and encouraging interaction with our brands.

We believe in letting digital do the heavy lifting, freeing up physical space to do what digital can never achieve; tangible, evocative experiences which provide an emotional and memorable connection to a brand. 

The modern world is a fast moving and complicated place. The speed of social and behavioural change has accelerated to break-neck pace, driven by constant technological evolution.

In this rapidly shifting landscape, no-one can say with any certainty what’s going to happen next (and it’s best not to listen to those who say that they can).

Without a big machine to feed, we can focus on quality and efficiency, so you get award-winning work without paying for things that don’t meaningfully contribute to it.
Laetitia Pierini
Client Services Director, Paris
Laetitia Pierini

We believe the best way to navigate these turbulent waters is to be agile and responsive, and that the best way to achieve that is to stay small and focussed.

The nature of a lot of our client’s businesses can make it difficult for them to be responsive.  So, we do it for them. Our size allows us to stay nimble, pivoting as the market and our clients require without the inefficiencies of big teams or being tied into services today that our clients won’t need tomorrow.

Our core team of multifaceted, end-to-end experts work closely and with our clients to understand their challenges and collaboratively structure a plan to address them. We then tap into our worldwide network of specialists, from digital sculptors to experimental confectioners, shaping a unique team to meet the specific needs of your brief, rather than twisting your brief to meet the skills we possess.

With our global reach comes a global responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

Because of our unique end-to-end service, we ensure we not only incorporate sustainable thinking into our strategic and creative processes but that we also find sustainable solutions in the delivery of our campaigns, both from our own global network and also from the network of suppliers and contractors we use around the world.

Being sustainable advocates doesn’t just mean focusing on sustainability when we launch a new campaign, open a new store or deliver a new experience. It’s also about what happens at the end of the process.
Cherifa Ben Slamia
Managing Director, Singapore
Cherifa Ben Slamia

We are committed to ethical and sustainable ways of sourcing, using recyclable materials and eco-friendly products wherever possible, sourcing locally to minimise carbon footprint and extending the life of assets through multiple use and reappropriation.

Sustainability doesn’t just drive the narrative behind our clients’ brands, but it is central to our own ethics too.