The Crocodile strikes a pose and reveals his true colors in the activation for the brand-new collaboration between Lacoste and Polaroid! Driven by their tireless will to bring inclusivity to the world, the dazzling collaboration between the brand with the crocodile and the famous Polaroid and its rainbow for a capsule collection brings back the spirit of the 70’s brought by global international guidelines.

Lacoste chose CircleSquare to find a way to drive penetration into the EMEA market with an engaging 360º activation strategy in that cool and creative way.

CircleSquare completed the activation concept by engaging customers and prospects to participate in an exclusive co-branded webgame : Capture Croc.

In addition to their filter post, seeded influencers & customers will share their score with swipe up stories to invite their community to play. The goal is to go viral and ensure data collection while raising awareness around the collection. The game is also available instore as a key tool to leverage with clients in registering to the loyalty programs.

In order to bring consistency to the activation, the agency also imagined several physical displays such as mirror polaroid stickers to let people take selfies in the intimacy of the fitting room, automatic photobooths and colorful rainbow with color crocs floor stickers.

What that gives you: An enhanced brand experience, long term loyalty, added value for the shopper that enables them to feel as part of the collaboration and bring biting color to their world.

And so, the rainbow met the crocodile !

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