for1314| a1dil | c3hristoph | d4enz has sealed a new strategic partnership with global experiential and marketing agency CircleSquare.

As reported, the for1314 supplier consortium was set up earlier this year by three well-known travel retail figures: Adil Raïhani, Denz van der List and Christoph Henkel.

The threesome aimed to “seize the moment” amid the COVID-19 crisis by encouraging the travel retail industry to embrace new moral standards and collaboration benchmarks, beginning with health and safety products.

CircleSquare said its mission is to “create the world’s most irresistible brand experiences”. The agency partners with retail and consumer brands to deliver marketing events and activations that “stand out from the crowd, drive engagement, deliver results, and stay in the memory long after the customer has walked away”.

CircleSquare Managing Partner Stephane Zermatten said: “Our industry needs a sustainable and ethical answer to the current crisis; a collaboration between all stakeholders in order to restart our engines.”

CircleSquare has worked with for1314 on the development of a logo which it said adds a “stamp of approval” and underlines for1314’s ethos, numerology and ‘signology’.


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